Reuben's Fitness - t h e   u l t i m a t e    w o r k o u t
Massage for the average and athlete alike
I am fully qualified and have been massaging for over 15 years, and continue to learn.
I love being able to help people resolve problems they couldn't do on their own, and massage is a great way to do that.
Massage is the answer if you’re not happy with feeling like you’re tied in knots.
Aching back? Stiff neck? Tight muscles? Stressed? Life can do this to you.
Massage can ease all the problems away as you relax in the skilled hands of a qualified and experienced soft tissue therapist.
Massage works to ease out those tight spots, realign muscles, drain out toxins, and allow you to perform at your best. 
Key benefits of massage include:
  • better immunity through increased lymph flow
  • stress reduction
  • better recovery from strenuous training or work
  • increased joint mobility, and the release of endorphins (The body’s natural painkiller and feel good hormone)
Just to name a few.
Generally to work through the muscles effectively 1/2 an hour is needed for each area. Basic time allocations are as follows:
Arms and neck: 1/2 hr
Legs, front and back: 1/2 hr
Back and neck: 1/2 hr
Legs, front and back, Back and neck: 1 hr
The complete package (Legs front and back, Back and neck, and Arms): 1 1/2hr
1/2 hr - $40
1 hr - $70
1 1/2 hr - $90

Sauna options

20 min soak in the healing heat
Cost: $5


15 minute sauna soak followed by 45 minutes of massage
Cost: $50

So if you’re not happy with feeling like you’re tied in knots…Contact me TODAY.
021 190 3634

Comments on Reuben's Fitness massage

 "Reuben really focussed on areas I needed worked on, and used just the right level of pressure. Very professional massage and comfortable setting." - Honey Hireme, NZ Black Fern, and mother.

Feel free to print out the below consent form and fill in to bring with you to your first visit

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