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Group boxing class

Want to learn a new skill? Need to get in shape in a fun and exciting way? Need confidence to close that sale? Want to train safely?

Then One of these options is just what you need!

Learn from an expert in European combat sports with decades of experience in multiple codes including Savate boxing, karate, kick boxing and more, both competing and coaching at all levels from beginners all the way up to high performance coaching of the elite.

Your mission, is to get through to the end of Group boxing training level 3 to see the new more confident, and more capable YOU!

Option 1

(Group size limited to 6 people per class for all Group boxing sessions)

Group boxing class level 1 (GBC 1) Sessions run for 1/2 hr twice weekly for 12 weeks

Perfect for everyone!

This is where your boxing training begins. Here you will learn the techniques that you will keep for the rest of your life. You will learn how to not only throw a punch, but how to hold your body in balance from a strong position as you do it, but we don't stop there! You'll also become confident in basic combinations which will be great for getting the brain to hand communication going. Be confident that as you train and eat healthily your body will change for the better without any crazy dieting.

There is no sparring or fighting in this level.

Everyone who completes level 1 training* receives a completion certificate, and acceptance to Group training level 2, subject to availability.

Group boxing class level 2 (GBC 2) Sessions run for 3/4 hr twice weekly for 12 weeks

Having completed your basic training you are ready now to begin lifting your performance and abilities, both physically and mentally. You will go forward with the basic skills learnt in the first level, under expert tuition, and with your effort, continue to see the new you emerging. More technique variation is added into your repertoire, along with specific conditioning that'll also be great for your figure!

There is no sparring or fighting in this level.

Everyone who completes level 2 training* receives a completion certificate, and acceptance to Group training level 3, subject to availability.

Group training level 3 GBC 3) Sessions run for 1 hr twice weekly for 12 weeks

FINALLY! You have arrived in the class of the giants, training to be titans! Your skills will be taken further, to the elite if you are able! With training that will stretch your body, mind and soul you will come out the other side a new, much stronger person ready to take on whatever the world throws at you with resilience, patience, and confidence!

The training is intense, and looks complicated to the untrained eye, but you are not untrained anymore are you? You are ready for it! This is where you belong! You deserve to train like an elite athlete, and can re-enrol at this level as many times as you desire.

There is sparring in this level if desired.

Everyone who completes level 3 training* receives a completion certificate, and preferential acceptance to Group training level 3, subject to availability.

Click here to enrol!

Having completed this third level of Group boxing training you may also consider taking your training further with small group or one on one training and see just what you can do!

Option 2

One on one and small group boxing training 1 hr

Grow at your own pace by yourself or with a friend or two under expert and focused attention. Nothing can compete for results with this level of interaction and training. Many people find their lives, bodies and souls improved greatly in very small periods of time.

After a suitable period of skill development, and conditioning, sparring is encouraged for further development if it is desired.


Option 1

GBC 1 $240*, GBC 2 $360*, GBC 3 $480*

Option 2

One on one $65 per 1 hr session**

Two people $75 per 1 hr session**

Three people $85 per 1 hr session**

For reasons of international security ;) we can't give out his name on this site, but click here to make the start to the new you!

* No credits are issued for missed sessions within the 12 week training period. 80% attendance is required to pass the level.

** 24 hrs notice is required for cancellation or rebooking of session, failure to do so can result in a 50% part charge still being owed.

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