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Biggest Life Changer Weight loss Competition

Reuben at Reuben's Fitness, HamiltonI believe that people do better in life and even for themselves when they are acting charitably. I have received many benefits to my life when in the service of others, and I am fortunate to be able to do this full time with peoples health and wellbeing goals.
The aim of this competition is to bring the improved health and quality of life that comes with eating healthily and exercising regularly, to all involved. I also hope that others who see the benefits to the competitors' lives will be inspired, and change themselves for good too.
Who can enter?
Anyone aged between 18 - 60
How do I enter?
How many contestants will there be?
The competition will be limited to 10 to 12 contestants
When will it start?
To be confirmed
How long does it run for?
The competition will run for 12 weeks with the performance event on the Saturday of the final week.
What do I get from this competition?
  • 36 Group training sessions* ($360 value)
  • 3 15 minute sauna +45 minute massage sessions
  • A certificate of completion
  • Most importantly of all, a changed life!!!
And of course, the prizes!!!
What is the main weight loss prize?
  • $250 Cash!
  • $150 voucher to The Wax Room
  • Power to nominate one person for a 30 second head start in the performance event.
What is the 2nd winner prize?
  • $150 Cash!
  • $100 voucher to The Wax Room
How do I win?
The weight loss competition will be decided by the following:
  • Percentage fat loss between first weigh in and final weigh in. The competitor with the greatest percentage lost will be declared the winner and awarded the weight loss prize.
The 2nd winner prize will be decided by the following:
  • A Rite of passage to a healthy life. It is an event that will test every entrant in the areas of endurance, strength, and will power to keep on going. Even though this event is not for the faint hearted, I am confident that everyone who attends all the training sessions WILL be prepared for it, and more ready for what life throws at us too.
What is the cost?
There are two options for payment
Option one:
  • One off payment of $360 (Must be made prior to competition start date)
Option two:
  • 11 x weekly payments of $36 (First payment must be made prior to competition start date)
* Group sessions relating to this competition are only available during the 12 week competition period. Any sessions not attended are lost and void and cannot be redeemed in any way after the competition. Competition and the session schedule will be decided by the group according to everyone's availability, prior to final agreement signing. Once in place, the schedule will remain, unless the group unanimously requests an available time for the change in scheduling for a one off or permanent change.

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