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Reuben Witehira personal trainer in hamiltonI have been involved with sport or exercise for over 30 years. My early years of experience were in the form of competitive gymnastics from age 5 through to 13. I spent a few years playing soccer as well, then moved on to rugby union at the age of 14. I continued to play rugby, surf,  and practice martial arts until I turned 19.
It was during the next period of my life, between 19 to 21, I experienced a dramatic drop in availability of time for exercise...and an over supply of food. I had never had weight issues before this so thought nothing of eating everything presented to me...I went from 74kg to 98kg in about four months!!! I realised I was not immortal, or even immune to weight issues, and knew I needed to know how to keep in shape even when time and resources are limited. It took me 6 months, but I got back down to 76kg which is where I stayed for a few years before beginning weight training to aid in my rugby playing.
These days due to weight training I sit at about 83kg, which I am happy with. I continue to discover new training methods and strive to be the best me I can be.
This is an old video of me training in my Australian studio:

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Watch a personal trainer sweat!
Hi all, this is me pushing through an intermediate total body workout with a strong focus on the legs. It is intended for entertainment only. Anyone who wishes to embark in fitness training should con...

I share this side of my life with you to let you know, I know from personal experience, how easy it is for the weight to creep up, and harm your life without you even seeing it.
Remember the best way to cook a frog is to slowly raise the temperature of the water. Too hot too soon and it'll jump right out.
So it is with our weight, our life options are slowly taken from us as we grow in size, without us even realising!
I want to help people realise, just what an awesome active life is achievable simply by putting in the effort, and getting that heart rate up for more than 30 minutes a day.
Group training is a great inexpensive way to have some fun, and feel your way back into a healthier, more active you, under the supervision and guidance of a degree qualified trainer (me) and lifelong health student.
Personal training will give even greater results, with myself focussed on your needs and goals.

My personal training philosophy is based on the belief that you can achieve the results you truly desire with the right tools and understanding. Make no mistake, to get great results YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE. Real success only follows concentrated and consistent, intelligent effort.
So GO ON! Take this chance to realise your health and fitness goals. I will support you every step of the way.
Email, text, or call on the contact details below. I will respond within 24 hours to email enquiries and messages.
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